Dynamics 365 Business Central Polish Localization: 6-days Implementation

Alna Business Solutions Sp. z o.o.

Implementation standard Polish Localization functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Central. The service may be of interest to companies that start their operations in Poland and would like to roll-out

Polish Localization Functionality – extension application provides comprehensive localization solutions that expand the standard capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This ensures compliance with Polish legal, tax, and accounting regulations. The application is specifically tailored for Polish users of Dynamics 365 Business Central and for companies operating within Poland. The functionality of the Polish location in Business Central is one of the most complex implementations, which is due to the fact that the legal conditions in Poland are wide and dynamically changing in the field of finance and taxes. The functionalities can be compared to Italian or Romanian legal conditions.

Main functionality:

  • Maintaining the General Ledger:
    • Posting Description
    • Adjusting Exchange Rates
    • Exchange Rate Adjustment Registers
    • Information about the Name and Version of the Accounting Software
    • Setting up the Get NBP (National Bank of Poland) Exchange Rates Service
  • Maintaining VAT:
    • VAT Settlement Date
    • Sales/Purchase VAT Register
    • VAT Application Worksheet
    • Detailed VAT Entries
    • Posting VAT Documents in General Journals
    • Posting a Full VAT Amount
    • Skipping Transactions in the VAT Register
    • Reverse Charge VAT Supported
    • Checking the VAT Status of an Entity
  • Maintaining Receivables and Payables:
    • Printing Sales Invoice
    • Printing Sales Credit Memo
    • Sales Credit Memo
    • Sales Credit Memo Creator
    • Customer/Vendor Balance Reconciliation
    • Contractor Data in the Regon Web Database
  • Analyses and Reports:
    • G/L Account Net Change and Balance
    • G/L Journal
    • Register Document - G/L Register
    • Analytical G/L Register
    • Analytical G/L Document
    • Bank Account - Detail Trial Balance
    • Customer/Vendor Net Change And Balance
    • Customer/Vendor Ledger Entry Journal
    • Receivables/Payables Ageing Analysis
  • Standard Audit File (SAFT/JPK):
    • SAFT Setup
    • Executing SAFT JPK File Export
    • SAFT JPK Export File Register
    • SAFT Area Elements Setup
  • Split Payment:
    • Setting up Split Payment on Sales and Purchase Documents
      Maintaining Split Payment within the Sales Process
    • Maintaining Split Payment within the Purchase Process

Our experts will perform a deep dive into your current business operations and thoroughly review your company’s requirements to deliver in a implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Polish Localization Functionality system configured to meet your needs and enhance your business processes.

Scope of work:

  • Mapping to standard functionality aligns business processes with a software system's standard features to avoid significant customizations;
  • Gap Fit analysis to evaluate the compatibility between existing business processes and new software systems, identifying gaps and areas for customization;
  • Proof of Concept - recommendation document with overall architecture, estimated budget of recommendations, general schedule, gap fit difference and indication of project risks;
  • Implementation - setup standard functionality in Business Central without programming changes that may result from Gap Fit analysis. Differences with Gap Fit are not included in the budget price.

Please note:

  • The service can be performed remotely;
  • The service is addressed only to the Polish localization and does not apply to other functionalities contained in GL/AP/AR/FA.

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