Power BI Advanced: 2-Day Workshop

Analytikus, LLC

*Provide modeling tools in Power Pivot and Power BI through DAX, for data-based decision making. In specific applied to statistical data analysis, its visualization and interpretation*

### Agenda **Introduction to DAX (4 hours)** * DAX for Excel, Power Pivot, and Power BI * Compression of calculations in DAX: measurements and measurements calculated * DAX functions more common: logics, information, aggregate, date, relationships, text and mathematics, and examples * Use of basic table functions and context evaluation * Use of the calculate and calculatetable functions * Display of results in Power BI and applications in Power Pivot **Data visualization and descriptive analytics (4 hours)** * Use of functions of descriptive statistics * Visualization and interpretation of information through Power BI Desktop * Examples of application in Power BI (pareto of a system of inventories, sales distribution, desertion prediction, recruitment optimization, etc) **Calculations of time intelligence (8 hours)** * Construction of a date table * Calendar type function study * Handling of multiple dates and multiple date tables * Introduction to time intelligence (added and compared in time) * Management of functions and closure of balance in the time * Examples applied to the different industries * Advanced time intelligence models * Display and interaction with time series in Power BI
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