Dynamics 365 Health Check: 5-Wk Assessment

Crowe LLP

Eliminate potentially costly Dynamics 365 performance issues with tools to proactively measure your server infrastructure. Optimize system performance and mitigate issues before users are disrupted.

Our monitoring solution provides full visibility into the health of your server infrastructure. During this 5-week program, the Crowe Support Team implements a set of proprietary monitoring tools to analyze your entire Dynamics 365 infrastructure portfolio. We capture a wide cross section of metrics and build a set of alert thresholds to ensure your servers operate, as they should.


  • 5-week Dynamics 365 system monitoring
  • Complete evaluation of your Dynamics 365 infrastructure health
  • Data usage and optimization report
  • Resource utilization report
  • Infrastructure report
  • Maintenance plan adjustment recommendations
  • Meeting to review Health Check reports and findings

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