To Dynamics 365 from Salesforce: 1-Hr Assessment

FMT Consultants

This offer is for Salesforce users who want to learn about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and if it is a fit for their organization. Learn pros, cons, and valuable insights!


FMT will discuss with you the following:

  • Discussion of your organization’s technology goals and strategy
  • Discuss if Dynamics 365 for Sales is right for your organization
  • Analysis of your current Salesforce functionality and quickly determine if Dynamics 365 for Sales is a fit
  • Identify user types and user counts required
  • Identify your data migration requirements


FMT will deliver to you the following:

High-level estimate of subscription licensing required to deploy Dynamics 365 for Sales in your organization.

About FMT Consultants

Since 1995 | 5,000+ Successful Microsoft Engagements

FMT Consultants helps organizations leverage technologies to GROW. Our number one priority is our clients’ success; with our client-centric model focus, we help organizations determine their top business challenge and attain the realized value of their technology solutions. As a top Microsoft partner, organizations lean on FMT for results-driven best practices across Microsoft’s entire suite of solutions.

Our Microsoft product offering includes:

  • Dynamics 365 for Sales (Dynamics CRM)
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central (Mid-Market)
  • Dynamics GP (Great Plains)
  • SharePoint
  • Power BI
  • Azure
  • Infrastructure Security
  • System Integration
  • Office 365

FMT provides business application implementation, consulting, and ongoing client support. Additionally, FMT helps clients measure the success of a technology implementation with KPIs mutually defined and determined at the beginning of every project.

FMT Delivers:

Measurable Results | Increase in Sales | Decrease in Operational Costs | High Technology Adoption | Rapid ROI

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