Expenses App for Fin & Ops: 4-Wk Implementation

Folio3 Software Inc.,

View, edit, submit and approve expenses with ease from anywhere in the world on-the-go with Expenses App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

The Expense Management App by Folio3 is a cross-platform app that helps professionals implement expense policies and report expenses on the go. The App integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, allowing you to view existing expense reports, create new ones and even instantly submit them for approval without hassle.

Folio3's Expense Management App for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations allows you to easily integrate the expense management process with the Microsoft software so that you don't waste time with paperwork and the mundane manual data entry. The app offers options to upload photos and bills along with the expense for verification purposes. Automatically generated reports and notifications mean no wasted time in processing and approving expenses.

App Features that are to be delivered:

  • View, create, modify expense reports at the touch of a button
  • Add details, photos, receipts in any format
  • Submit for and get approval quickly and efficiently
  • Available anytime and anywhere on-the-go
  • Tailored to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations
  • Fast and accurate reimbursements
  • Complete control over how expenses are managed


The Expenses App has a one-time installation fee after which you are only liable to pay a minimal annual fee. For more info, visit page: Dynamics Expenses App

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