Virtual Dashboard In A Day (DIAD): 8-Hr Workshop

MAQ Software

Train your users on using Power BI to fulfill their day to day reporting requirements with our 8-hour virtual Dashboard In A Day workshop

Power BI is an amazing self service BI tool. While internet is rich with plethora of resources on using Power BI, your users might be left feeling confused and flustered. Let us help you with our dedicated team and custom designed programs that meet your business requirements and use cases.


  • Components of Power BI
  • Connecting to Data Sources
  • Understanding Visual creation and formatting
  • Basics of Power query editor and DAX
  • Implementing Row level security
  • Sharing reports
  • Hands on lab


Business Analysts; Self Service users, beginner BI Developers (in groups of 30-50)

Meeting Output:

Users will have the knowledge and resources to create reports and dashboards for their day to day reporting and share them with rest of the organization

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