Asset Management for Manufacturing & Distribution: 4-Wk Implementation

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Realize the benefits of Asset Management in a short period of time. The use of standardized maintenance processes and asset management data along with data loading templates makes this possible.

Include Enterprise Asset Management for Manufacturing to reap the benefits of a wholistic Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain solution. If you are presently performing maintenance using a 3rd party software or a paper system, you are not truly realizing the benefits of Enterprise Asset Management. By knowing the true costs of maintaining your facility, tracking asset costs from acquisition to retirement and moving from reactive to proactive maintenance, your company can truly see the rewards of a fully integrated Asset Management solution as a part of Dynamics.

RSM’s Asset Management Rapid Implementation for Manufacturing uses proven implementation strategy along with standardized maintenance processes. Standardized processes with help content (click by click and business process flows) for each standard process included. Data loading templates will ensure that your data is loaded efficiently. All of this means that your valuable time will be spent adding value to your manufacturing organization rather than designing a system.

RSM has 4 different offerings for Asset Management Rapid Implementation for Manufacturing which will have your company up and effectively using Asset Management in as little as 30 days.

Level 1 - Allows users to manage functional locations and complex assets while storing information and documentation about them. (4 Weeks)

Level 2 – Level 1 functionality with additional Work Order capabilities, additional asset and functional location data using Attributes. (6 Weeks)

Level 3 – Level 2 functionality along with the introduction of Warranty’s, Fault Management and using Asset Priorities in conjunction with Work Orders for scheduling. (8 Weeks)

Level 4 - Level 3 functionality along with additional Work Order, Fixed Asset and Production Resource Integration. Work Orders will consume inventory items, services along with labor. Asset Spare Parts will be built along with Forecasting Items and Hours for Work Order planning. IoT offerings will also be introduced. Mobile device and reporting to support level 4 functionality. (10 Weeks)

*Pricing will vary based on scope of work.

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