Custom Portal for Manufacturing: 4-Week Assessment

RSM Product Sales LLC

RSM's custom portal assessment delivers solutions for a manufacturing-oriented custom portal, enabling superior customization to meet distinct industry needs, beyond standard offerings' scope.

Portals play an important role in supply chain management as they provide a centralized location for customers and vendors to access information and interact. Depending on organizational goals and needs, there can be limitations to standard portals available on ERP systems, such as Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. This is where a custom portal assessment can be helpful.

RSM's custom portal assessment is designed to evaluate an organization's needs and provide a seamless integration of internal systems with external customers and vendors, resulting in an enhanced user experience. This includes a customized and efficient solution tailored to meet specific business needs and brand requirements.

By using a custom portal, organizations can optimize the user experience for customers and vendors, making it easier and more accessible for them to interact with the organization, find information, stay informed, and create orders. A tailored portal can assist organizations in optimizing processes, cutting expenses, and enhancing efficiency through task automation and seamless system integration.

Experience the power of a custom portal assessment with RSM, pinpointing vital features and functionalities like user management and security, order placement, live inventory tracking, and tailored customer support. RSM guarantees alignment with your organization's brand and values, crafting a cohesive and captivating user experience that fosters customer loyalty.

RSM collaborates closely with clients to understand and evaluate distinctive business needs, designing a portal that fulfills requirements, while providing value to the organization and its clientele.

Week 1-2 – Phase “Discovery”

  • Process Overview session
  • Workshop session

Week 3-4 – Phase “Analysis”

  • Identify opportunities

Week 5-6 – Phase “Road Map Development”

  • Review identified Opportunities
  • Opportunity Prioritization session
  • Stakeholder Identification session
  • Opportunity Roadmap creation exercise

*Pricing will vary based on implementation scope and available Microsoft funding.

*Duration will vary based on implementation scope.

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