SMART Corporate Portal: 2-wk Implementation

SMART business LLC

We provide a 2-weeks implementation of the corporate portal that is based on SharePoint. It allows companies to create a convenient, modern, digital workplace for employee effectiveness.

The SMART corporate portal is the solution for employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity. Specific needs of your organization can be met by additionally deploying the available web parts on the SharePoint platform.

As a result, your company will have:

  1. Implementation of a single communication platform for working on projects or documents;
  2. Involvement of employees in the daily life of the company;
  3. Increasing employee motivation through the ability to leave comments and share opinions about events or activities;
  4. Increased employee productivity due to the ability to work on their tasks both in the office and in any other convenient place;
  5. Seamless integration with all Microsoft 365 services: Exchange, Teams, Planner, Power Automation.

What modules does the corporate portal consist of?

  1. Corporate news. All important news and events of the company are on the main page of the portal. Intranet makes it possible to inform employees about important company events and relevant news.

  2. Calendar of events. The calendar contains the schedule of corporate events. An HR employee can add new events dividing them into different categories. For perception convenience, each category can be assigned a unique corporate icon.

  3. Organizational structure The company structure gains transparency and becomes clear to everyone: from "old-timers" to employees who have recently joined the team. Centralized access to the structure makes it easy to find information by departments and employees.

  4. Media library The required photos can be easily found using the hierarchy of photo albums or filtering. The video gallery module has convenient navigation by folders, and the selected files can be played both inside the corporate portal and using YouTube, Vimeo, and other hosting services.

As well as personal services and workspaces, office map and directory of employees.

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