Retail Offerings - Platformation : 7 Wk Assessment

Sonata Software Ltd.

Flagship Platformation model for Retail

Offerings include the following: Customer Experience Management: Customer 360, Clienteling, Intelligent assistance, assisted sales- realized through Brick & Click, GBW Cx, R10x, Kartopia. Customer 360 analytics: Intelligent retail platform, business insights & outcome to support customer 360 platforms, effective data & meta-data management- realized through Retina integrated with Brick & Click & data platforms.

Different Phases of the 7 Week assessment:

  1. Retail / Digital Context
  2. Platform Approach
  3. Digital / Platform Blueprint
  4. Establishing Phased Roadmap

Deliverables across all the phases:

  1. Gap Assessment – Digital Processes & Tech landscape,
  2. Omnichannel Retail Solution & Ecosystem
  3. Retail Marchitecture
  4. Pilot execution
  5. Indicative timelines & budgets

Key Dependency for pricing estimation: Technology landscape Interfaces Digital transformation goals & objectives Immersive in-store experience: Endless aisle Inventory status update Easy returns & refunds Contactless retailing - realized through Power Apps Platform Engg. & implementation.

Unified Digital Operations Platform: operational transformation across core F&O, sales & marketing, sourcing & digital supply chain, inventory & stock management with options for re-order point, distributor/partner management- realized through RPA led automation, Bizapps support & maintenance.

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