Microsoft Syntex Accelerator -- 5 weeks

Sparkhound LLC

See the value of Content AI through Microsoft Syntex with a fully functional POC supported by Sparkhound

We are experiencing an influx of data that is enveloping our lives faster than we’ve been able to adapt beyond traditional data vessels: emails, PDFs, designs, contracts, and paper. With AI powered technology increasing the speed with which we can do everyday tasks, the need has arisen for that same spark to transform our document management processes. This is where Syntex can solve our problems.​

Microsoft Syntex uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to manage content, optimize search and compliance, to automate and improve your most critical business processes. Syntex has created the world of Content AI to utilize your documents as actual data sources, by extracting key pieces of information, all without human intervention.

Sometimes knowing where to start can be the biggest challenge. The Syntex Accelerator is purpose-built to bring a fully-baked Content AI solution into your organization. As a Syntex Launch Partner, Sparkhound has had the experience to guide you through all parts of the implementation process and will train your team on its uses and benefits. ​

Over the course of 5 weeks and 4 different phases, this is what you can expect from the Sparkhound Syntex Accelerator:

-Deliver aligned overview of Syntex vision and roadmap​ -Current State Analysis​ -Requirement Gathering/Validation; confirm candidate scenarios and initial content to develop models and templates​ -Discovery of current Records Retention policies, and desired retention methods ​ -Activate and deploy Syntex to meet pilot requirements -Deploy Label policies -Configure Refinable Fields​ -Create a Search section to deploy PNP web parts​ -Document processing models (3)​ -Prebuilt document processing models (2)​ -Content assembly modern templates (2)​ -Records retention Polices (3)​ -Knowledge transfer for developed models and templates with key sponsors and administrators (written with one delivery session)​ -Deliver readiness and knowledge transfer to pilot users (written and up to three interactive meetings)​ -Troubleshooting and support as needed within funded project scope​ -Written executive sponsor summary of results and review as needed​

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