Activate Digital Selling 6weeks Design & Implement


Solution for the commercial area, sales as well as for the marketing area of ​​each company, covering any need that may be presented.

Dynamics for Sales helping to run a more competitive company, tracking your leads until they become sales. Through Microsoft Dynamics 365 you will be able to know your customers better and identify their needs and changes thanks to the overview of the prospect. And it is also related to Dynamics for Marketing allowing to carry out a segmentation and the determined routes for each one of, carry out advanced searches, generate marketing lists and send communicational campaigns, both for loyalty and promotion of products and services, create more appropriate views to the profile of the target customer.

With the feasibility and technical knowledge of the equipment to carry out integrations with other systems, those that the client requires.

Provides an end-to-end digital buying experience across every stage of the customer's journey, making it quick for customers to evaluate and buy without the need for face-to-face engagement.

Optimize sales & marketing processes to reduce costs - Reduce costs with connected business process to manage sales & marketing leads across customer journey. Help your teams adapt to a rapidly changing environment - Launch campaigns quickly, onboard and upskill sellers by surfacing customized content based on insights-driven coaching and decision making.

This is an estimated cost based on our experience in projects with similar requirements. We will provide the final cost of the solution once the detailed requirements and characteristics of your environment have been evaluated.

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