Supply Chain Cloud - Shipping for D365 Commerce

Blue Horseshoe Solutions, Inc.

Real-Time Shipping Options in Dynamics 365 Commerce

Supply Chain Cloud - Ship enables Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce to connect with the major parcel carriers in North America including UPS, FedEx, and USPS. This connection allows real-time rate shopping for users of the D365 Commerce front-end eCommerce site. Supply Chain Cloud also enables store employees to use the Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals as a pack and ship station.

Ecommerce Rate Shopping

The new front-end eCommerce site for Dynamics 365 Commerce is now enabled using the Supply Chain Cloud to perform real-time rate shopping during the checkout process. This functionality connects directly to the configured carriers for accurate and timely shipping rates, while appearing seamless and immediate to the end-user of the D365 Commerce site. The user is given different rates and delivery dates to choose from. Once a rate selection is made, these rates are built into the shopping cart process and immediately added and calculated within the order summary. This process also creates a sales order in the back-office that includes the additional shipping charge as a misc. freight charge on the order line.

Point-of-Sale (POS) as a Pack and Ship Station

Supply Chain Cloud also enables the D365 Commerce POS (both Modern POS and Cloud POS) to act as a Pack and Ship Station within the store. During the customer order process using a POS terminal, there will be a "Pack and Ship" button added to the main order screen. This button connects directly to the "Pack Station" screen within the Supply Chain Cloud. The pack station will already have all the order data populated including customer name, delivery address, as well as package size and weight. The items are then be packed into a container so that accurate rates can be shopped from the carriers. This allows the flexibility to choose the appropriate shipping method and rate for the transaction. Once this is complete, a shipping label is generated, tracking information is added to the back-office transaction in D365 Commerce, and the container is ready to be shipped.

Cloud connectivity, security, accuracy

The Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud Ship module is powered by Microsoft Azure. This secure cloud connectivity gives you the access, availability, and speed you demand on a platform you trust. And with continuous updates, you’ll always have the latest shipping rates.

Microsoft Dynamics Platform Connections:

· Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management (SCM)

· Dynamics 365 Commerce (Ecommerce Site)

· Dynamics 365 Commerce (POS)

· Dynamics 365 Business Central

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