Trade Revenue Management

Flintfox International Limited

Trade Revenue Management (TRM): Manage complex pricing and rebates across the supply chain.

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers are constantly battling to become more efficient and increase profitability, through employing creative processes and innovative technologies to optimize operations.

Flintfox offers a best of breed Trade Revenue Management solution embedded within Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Businesses can more efficiently manage and execute their vendor and customer agreements, as well as trade revenue related activities including price management, promotion pricing, rebate management, claims, and deductions.

Solution benefits
  • 100% accurate, direct pricing in real-time
  • Flexible, competitive promotion pricing
  • Manage pricing across multiple channels
  • Increase order volumes and help grow margins
  • Automate rebates and settle claims efficiently
  • Develop sales strategy based on complex pricing
  • Automated, expedited accruals processing