Gulf Payroll

CEM Business Solutions Inc

Payroll software for multiple gulf countries

CEM Gulf Payroll can be used for the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia or a combination of these countries. This product takes care of earnings, deductions, T&A, leave, absence, annual benefits, airfare, LTA, medical, insurance, overtime, advances, loans, claims, reimbursements, retro pay, leave encashment, WPS, final settlements and numerous reports.

  • Manage all your master HR and Payroll data: basic salary package, pay deductions, earnings and income calculations
  • You can run multiple payroll cycles: default, leave, termination (end of service) and ad hoc.
  • All monthly transactions: expense, other earnings, timesheets, and leave benefits
  • Promotion and salary increments, splitting of the pay-scale and options to back-date transactions for overtime
  • Complete GOSI installation, calculations and report generation
  • Complete payroll configuration: payroll set-up, currency conversion, time & payroll mapping, company calendars, etc.
  • Effective handling of tax calculations for the regions that require tax addition
  • Multiple reports: payroll master, payroll reconciliation, department summary, payroll YTD reports, and final settlement reports.
  • GL interface: account set-up for all the payroll components, mapping & lookup with additional reporting options for detailed and summary reports.
  • Payroll bank transfer files that comply with various bank requirements
  • Indemnity & leave liability balances
  • Leave entitlements, accruals, advances, and balances
  • Employee loan options
  • Flight travel ticket module: entitlements, accruals, adjustments, and encashment
  • Overtime and other time-based allowances
  • Time and attendance approvals with integration facility to time and attendance machines

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