Dynamics Attachments

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Dynamics 365 F&O add-on

Revolutionize your document keeping with Dynamics Attachments
This functionality empowers users to attach pertinent documents or images to the records they are operating on, thus enhancing data accessibility and organization. Dynamics Attachments, an integral part of this system, is equipped with advanced features such as default field restriction values and drag & drop attachment capabilities.


  • Dynamics Attachments provides key enhancements to document management in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The system automatically assigns a value to the field 'Restriction' (Internal/External) when a document is attached to a record, which can be manually overridden. However, the 'Use default restriction' option allows for consistent restriction values to be applied based on the document type.
  • Moreover, the Drag & Drop feature significantly reduces the number of actions needed to attach documents. For instance, attaching five documents conventionally requires 25 clicks, but with Dynamics Attachments, this process can be simplified to a single action, thus improving efficiency and user experience.

How Does It Work:

The Dynamics Attachments interface is designed for simplicity and ease of use. A paperclip icon in the right top corner indicates the number of documents attached to the selected record and serves as the gateway to add new ones. By clicking the icon, users can access the Attachments form to add documents.

The Drag & Drop feature in the right pane of the form (Related information) allows users to select multiple documents and add them all at once. If no default document type has been set up for Drag & Drop, users are presented with a dialog to select a type after the files have been dropped into the control. This dialog also provides the option to assign different document types to individual files, offering flexibility in document management.

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