ESYON Amazon Marketplace Connector for D365 FSCM

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Maximize your Amazon marketplace potential with D365 and the ESYON Marketplace Connector

Manage your Amazon Marketplace using Dynamics 365 with ESYON’s Amazon Marketplace Connector

Save time and money by automating orders, invoices, returns, and inventory updates by integrating the data from Seller Central into D365 FSCM with ESYON’s Amazon Marketplace Connector.

Our solution is not just about processing orders—because it integrates all the feeds from Seller Central into your D365 you can also manage financial accounting for your Amazon shop from your D365, including Amazon payments, settlement reports, Amazon fees, and taxes.

ESYON’s AMC is an API integration (no middle ware) that gives you the following benefits:

    • Reduces operations overhead by automating orders, invoices, returns, and inventory
    • Improves fulfillment turnaround by synching shipping, inventory, and transfer orders
    • Allows you to improve cash flow by easily managing Amazon payments, taxes, and financial events in D365
    • Allows creation of reports of Power BI metrics, such as profit margin on each item, by automatically mapping all financial information, including Amazon fees and costs, into your designated location in the general ledger

The Amazon Cockpit - All Your Information In One Place

ESYON’s AMC creates an Amazon Cockpit where you can view, manage, and control all the information imported from Amazon Seller Central. It also includes a “virtual Amazon warehouse” so you can constantly monitor inventory levels. It is customized during the installation and set-up of the AMC.

Easy Shortcuts with Tiles

Easily keep track of important tasks right in D365 with customized shortcuts called tiles that are always visible. Here are some examples:

    • Orders that have an"error status"
    • Unsettled transactions that need attention to be properly reconciled
    • Deferred Orders/Returns that need to be resolved
    • Unshipped Orders alerting FBM users to initiate the shipping process

ESYON’s AMC supports FBA (fulfillment by AMAZON) and FBM (fulfillment by Merchant).

System requirements:

Amazon Marketplace Connector is a powerful add-on solution explicitly designed for use with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition. It can also be made compatible with the previous version, Dynamics AX 2012.

To find out more and schedule a demo, visit our website – Amazon Marketplace Connector: Integration for D365 - ESYON GmbH or contact us at

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