Employee Relocation Tool


This tool will be used by new employees to avail relocation facilities.

Employee relocation tool is an application that is meant to provide the relocation facilities to the employees of the organization. These facilities are provided when a company chooses to move a new or existing employee from one location to another, and will often provide them with certain benefits to help make the move smoother and more affordable like bookings of flight, cab booking, hotel bookings, movement of their goods etc. The application has role-based access and provide different interface for admin, vendor, processor and employee.

The flow works in a way that admin first adds the employee to the portal and share the credentials with the user. User can log in to the system using the credentials. The service is valid for certain period of time and expires once the tenure is completed. Initially, a processor is also assigned to the employee for who handles all the requests made by the employee. The user request for various services that are provided on the portal, that in turn goes to the processor and vendors are assigned for the same. The quotation for various services is provided by the vendor and once the quotation is approved, the booking is done and the confirmation message is sent to the employee in the form of email, SMS and message is delivered to the portal also.

Initially the vendors, processors and employees are added on the portal by admin only. The admin possesses rights to add or delete any vendor, add or delete any processor and employees or to deactivate or reactivate them. The processing of requests is done by the processor but admin has full rights to take action on the requests and even change the decisions taken by the processor. In case of any exceptional request approval and in the case of conflicts also, the rights are reserved with the admin.

Employee portal is the one where the employees can login to and avail various services by raising the requests. The portal includes:

  • Activity- Activity section deals with all the activities like availing any services, their status etc.
  • Profile- Profile contains all the details of the employee and dependents details also. Employee can add more dependents and edit the information from this section.
  • Flight Booking - From this module, the user can raise a request for the booking of the flight by filling in all the details
  • Hotel Booking – Module to raise request for the booking of hotel
  • Goods Movement- To raise the requests for the transportation of goods.
  • Vehicle Movement- To raise the requests for the movement of two wheelers and four wheelers.
  • Cab booking- For all the cab booking requests
  • Grievances- This module helps employee to lodge the complaints related to any bookings which in turn goes to the processor and resolved by the processor, and at higher level by the admin.

The application, therefore caters to all the needs of the employees related to the relocation and provide them with smooth transition from one place to another. The user can avail all or any of the facilities based on the needs. The user can avail these services for a certain period of time after the joining. Thus the application aims to resolve all the problems associated with the relocation through a single platform only. Please contact support@dynaptsolutions.com for more details.

قدرات الوظيفة الإضافية
عند استخدام هذه الوظيفة الإضافية فإنها
  • يمكنها إرسال البيانات عبر الإنترنت
  • يمكن لهذه الوظيفة الإضافية الوصول إلى المعلومات الشخصية في الرسالة النشطة، مثل أرقام الهاتف أو عناوين البريد أو عناوين URL. ويمكن للوظيفة الإضافية إرسال هذه البيانات إلى خدمة جهة خارجية. ولن يصبح من الممكن قراءة أو تعديل العناصر الأخرى في صندوق بريدك.
  • https://store-images.s-microsoft.com/image/apps.39130.c7d81510-318b-440b-a6bc-9c74f6c7e56c.fa5c4134-d121-4dfe-9b90-c72ddfa89b03.a62491e6-c274-415c-a3df-98dcf0061abb.png