Revelation helpdesk

Yellowfish Software

Seamlessly integrates your support tickets and simplifies your help desk tasks.

This app allows you to create new tickets and log action notes from existing conversations or search for existing tickets and share them with others.

You can have a conversation with the Revelation bot using any of the following commands as examples:

1. "Log a new ticket"

2. "Add a note to ticket #123456"

3. "Show my open work orders"

4. "Show late calls for the Helpdesk team"

5. "Who is assigned to ticket 23456?"

6. “Show the details for request 112233"

7. "When was ticket #23456 opened?"

8. "What is the status for call #76543?"

9. "Show the last action for work order 987654"

10. "When is request 55421 due?"

In the above examples the words "Ticket", "Call", "Request" or "Work Order" can be used interchangeably. You can use "cancel" or "quit" at any time to restart a conversation or use ”help” to get a full list of bot commands.

Logging a new ticket can be done by using the “Log a ticket” command in the bot chat interface or by using the messaging extensions options on existing chats. The log a ticket interface lets you choose which Client / End User / Project and Status to assign to the new Ticket. It will automatically be assigned to the respective Team or Queue which is configured for that specific Project in Revelation helpdesk.

Actions can be added to existing tickets by clicking the “Add Action” button on a ticket details card or by using the messaging extension option on existing chats. This quickly allows you to add notes from a conversation into an existing ticket. The add action interface has quick search functionality to search for existing tickets and has time fields to log billable and non-billable time to the ticket. Actions can also be logged by using the “Add a note” command in a bot conversation.

The quick search functionality in the compose messaging extensions allows you to search for existing Tickets in the helpdesk by Ticket # or using a phrase which mimics the Quick Search functionality in the full web interface. Clicking on the search results will insert the ticket details card and will allow you to send the ticket details in chat.

Revelation helpdesk will grow in functionality and more collaborative features will be added in the future such as tabs for viewing a list of tickets and connectors to receive notifications for activity in Revelation helpdesk.

You need to have an active Revelation helpdesk account in order to use the app.

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