Nulia Works for Teams

Nulia Works

Develop Microsoft Teams & Office 365 skills in the natural flow of work

Nulia Works gets users using Microsoft Teams & Office 365 in the way that works for them.  

The Microsoft Teams app lets you get the full use of Nulia Works without ever leaving Microsoft Teams and Office 365. This first of its kind Digital Enablement solution is platform-based and supports a continuous system of measurement, personalization, and engagement to drive digital skills development and usage. 
- It guides users with data-driven insights and measures success by doing in the natural flow of work
- It applies machine learning and artificial intelligence to personalize skills development and meets users where they are, with what they need
- Users earn industry-recognized badges that are based on verified usage of digital skills that can be shared across professional networks, such as LinkedIn 

Nulia Works delivers everything in the natural flow of work, always on and always available whenever and wherever it's needed. 

Let's unlock the value and realize your potential in Microsoft Teams and all of Office 365.

Your organization needs to be subscribed to Nulia Works and you need to have a Nulia Works Complete license to access this app. To learn more, please visit our website at

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