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Your work focused.

Reviewing contracts involves a bunch of moving parts, many of which aren’t black and white - often taking you out of the contract. This context switching slows you down. We help you keep track of these moving parts right within the contract, so you never miss a beat.

  • Task based actions dynamically generated from your playbook.
  • Track what's important, to do, and done.
  • Quickly create and track smart issues as you review and negotiate.

Your team collaborating.

Negotiating contracts is a team sport but getting everyone on the same page can be difficult and time consuming. We bring the team together through meaningful user specific actions, commentary and guidance.

  • Dynamic and manual task assignment
  • Role based task views.
  • Suggested positions and clause library
  • Transparency in progress and the work done in the document.

Your playbook made smart.

When you review contracts you’re working to a playbook. That playbook may be in your head, it might be on a piece of paper, or in a Word document but in most cases it’s static. This means items are forgotten, missed, or outdated. We make your playbook smart and dynamic, improving and automating more and more overtime.

  • Smart checks that can be pre-actioned by the AI.
  • AI which redlines & marks up, comments, alerts, and guides your people.
  • Smart tasks that can be created on the go.
  • Different lenses for different roles - provide commercial checklists to the wider business.

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