Cosential for Outlook

Cosential, Inc

Leverage Cosential’s powerful business intelligence capabilities directly from within Outlook.

Leverage the Combined Power of Outlook and Cosential

Cosential was created with a single purpose: To help you win more work with less effort.  We have been building our platform to that goal for the last 20 years. With Cosential for Outlook you can leverage Cosential’s powerful business intelligence capabilities directly from within Outlook, where you are already connecting with your clients.


Access Cosential from Outlook.

  • Instantly see details around the contacts included in your email including past and upcoming communication, as well as opportunity, project and lead history.
  • Add Cosential contacts and personnel as recipients/attendees
  • Search and browse Cosential records.
  • Use Cosential as your address book.


Create Cosential Records from Outlook.

  • Create a Contact from contacts in an email. The New Contact form will be pre-populated with any contact details known by Outlook, or Cosential’s contact enrichment feature.
  • Create a Company. Cosential will pre-populate the Company record with data available on social media.
  • Create an Opportunity. Enter a new Opportunity without leaving Outlook.
  • Create a Lead from an email to capture and keep track of up-coming potential work. Easily identify if a colleague has already created a Lead from a shared email.
  • Create a Call Log to track internal and external communication.


Associate Email to Cosential records.

Take advantage of Cosential’s smart auto-association to ensure communication is captured in your CRM.  Alternately, manually associate email to Cosential records with one-click directly from Outlook.


Enrich Cosential records.

Get to know your clients and contacts better with Cosential’s enrichment tool.  Cosential will auto-magically find and add data from more than 50 of social media sites.


Manage your Opportunities from Outlook

Create and manage your Opportunities directly in outlook using the Pipeline view.

  • Drag and Drop Opportunities as they move through the stages.
  • Edit Opportunity data without leaving Outlook.
  • Configure your cards to display the most important data to you.
  • Set Opportunity flags to easily identify key or at-risk Opportunities.


Operating system & Browser

  • Windows 10: Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome
  • Windows 8.1, or 7 (SP1): Internet Explorer 11, Firefox or Chrome
  • Mac OS X (10.10 and later): Apple Safari 10+ or Chrome


Outlook Versions

Cosential for Outlook works with any of the following versions of Microsoft® Outlook® using Microsoft Exchange online (part of Microsoft Office 365™) or Microsoft Exchange server (on-premises), along with the latest updates.

  • 2016 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Outlook 2011 for Mac



  • Requires a CRM or Full Access license for Cosential.
  • Must be installed for your firm by Cosential. Contact your Customer Service Manager for more information.


Cosential, Inc.

(800) 505-7089

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