Andor Health

Secure HIPAA compliant messaging and communication platform for Microsoft Teams.

Empowering Experiences through Real-Time Healthcare Surveillance and Workflow Configuration.

The ThinkAndor solution enhances individual workflows and care team collaboration across the care continuum by leveraging machine learning, voice, and workflow signal management. The self-configurable platform allows users to construct and modify personalized workflows within the users native Microsoft Teams environment.

On average, the Andor System reduces the time spent in the EMR by 50%, increases care team satisfaction by 40%, and allows care teams to subscribe to real-time surveillance that improves outcomes by 39%. The ThinkAndor platform allows care teams to collaborate around information that is directly pushed to their Teams channel.

This includes real-time updates to patient information usually housed in the systems EMR or even across care settings with potential multiple systems. ThinkAndor goes above and beyond the “four walls” of the institution and allows providers to finally connect and collaborate with other care teams that may not necessarily be credentialed on the same systems. All these signals and connections are unified through the Andor platform and pushed directly into the Office 365 and Microsoft Teams channels that the you use today.

Within Microsoft Teams, providers can leverage:

Real time notifications about your patients involved in a variety of workflows across the care continuum

Community collaboration about your patient with real-time notifications via the ThinkAndor Bot with providers notifying you outside or within your organization

Machine Learning driven recommendations to your patient’s care upon incoming signals with that allow you to receive the notifications sent from within the Andor Service

The Andor Solution also allows full configurability, at a user level, to change and modify the signals a provider wants to receive. Through an intuitive logic engine, built directly into the application, users will have the flexibility and control to manage the signals they wish to receive when and how they want them.

Inorder to use this app, users need to have an active ThinkAndor account.

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