Velocity for Teams


Dynamic Internal Collaboration Hub For Your Teams


Velocity provides a collaborative platform as an intranet solution works on Microsoft Teams. With the increasing number of employees, links between colleagues are often loosely coupled. Pre-built widg-ets within Velocity intranet platform offers personalized web application to follow internal news & up-dates, monitor meeting room availabilities, see personal tasks along with the menu, bus schedules, and traffic information in order to increase awareness within the workplace to strengthen corporate bonds and increase productivity within the workplace.


  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Food Menu
  • Exchange Rates
  • Public Holidays
  • Store Catalogue
  • Office Tips & Tricks
  • Phone Book
  • Quick Links
  • New Employees
  • Slider
  • Mega Slider
  • Traffic
  • Twitter
  • Weather
  • Announcements

  • My Meetings
  • These upcoming meetings are coming from the Exchange Online.

    You can see the upcoming meetings.

  • Meeting Rooms
  • These meeting rooms are directly coming from the Exchange Online.

    You can see the meeting rooms and see the meeting count for today.

    You can select the meeting room and see the details of the meetings.

  • Teams File Explorer
  • You can use this widget as a unified cloud file explorer for all your groups and channels on Mi-crosoft Teams

  • OneDrive for Business File Explorer
  • These files are coming from OneDrive for Business and lists the recently used files.

    You can try to select some of the files and try to view and/or download them.

    You can try to search for the files using the search bar. Search query is also will be used to look for the contents of the files.


    The first user who accesses Velocity for Teams should have an admin account. Following users from the same company doesn't have to be admin, they can login via their user accounts

    OUT of SCOPE

    Velocity has a great administration panel to manage the content in Velocity, only available on web ver-sion of Velocity which you can access it via a browser like Edge or Chrome…


    Velocity needs a consent from an Office 365 admin to list meetings, rooms in Velocity from Exchange Online. In order to use related widgets, this consents should be given by the admin of the company.

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