Multiple line chart side-by-side


تنزيل نموذجالإرشادات

Visualise unpivoted unique data in same X-axis.

Side-by-side multiple line chart can be used to create multiple line charts with unique X axis values and plotted on the same axis which is great for comparing different trends at the same time.
It is great for visualising unpivoted data in a single graph where user needs to visualise it continously side by side without using slicers or transforming the data. This chart is also useful for those who have large dataset and built in such a way that they have different columns of ID’s and values. Thus, all these ID’s can be plotted on the same X axis with their corresponding values.

Features in this always free visual:
Rich Formatting Options - titles, labels, and tooltips, font sizes, colors, background colors.

Features available through advanced customization using our editing tool :
Layout Options : Deep customization including options that Power BI doesn't allow to edit in Desktop
  • Different custom shapes in place of lines
  • Custom label formatting
  • Custom Tooltip formatting

This visual was developed with our PBIVizEdit tool, an incredibly powerful click-and-select self-service Power BI custom-visual editor.
With the tool, you can
  • Select-click to create and modify Power BI custom visuals
  • Takes 15 mins - no coding needed
  • Export your visuals and use it in Power BI

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