WorkSchool 365 is your MBA for the Classroom WorkSchool 365

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Free Open-Source Code for Payments in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Business Applications (MBA) for user management (Azure AD), documents database (SharePoint), video conferencing (Teams), and event-driven automation (Power Automate) already has existing technology for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Learning Management System (LMS).

But how to do business integration of those technologies with your PayPal or Stripe shop e-commerce payments (Card, Alipay, WeChat Pay)?

WorkSchool 365 does just that! With such no-code and zero-effort that it is unbelievable nobody else has ever tried that…

WorkSchool 365 is your MBA for the Classroom (with shareable transcripts of the learner’s quizzes/exams).

WorkSchool 365 is your Marketplace for peer Reviews (with shareable receipts of the worker’s comments/refereeing).

WorkSchool 365 is your Form for Event registrations (via no-password sign-in/sign-up of unlimited number of users authenticated via Outlook or Google or Facebook or Email).

Try our demo instance at:

WorkSchool 365 is open-source code and auditable for security bugs at:

Really, what we offer you is setup and support of your own WorkSchool 365 instance, but you could do it all by yourself completely free. Need help?

Note: Via Microsoft AppSource, click “Get it now” then “Sign up for a free account” and write your email such as but not such as Otherwise, contact support for alternative purchase options.
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