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I-Fresh for Business Central is the solution for companies in the fruit and vegetable industry!

This application is available only in Dutch.

Axians I-Fresh supports business processes for fruit and vegetable companies that are active in the open ground, trade and repacking and also cooperatives.

With I-Fresh you support the fruit and vegetable sales and production process, guarantee traceability and ultimately ensure the correct final invoice. 
Fruit and vegetable companies that add value to fruit and vegetables through repackaging have a production process in addition to a trade process. They are faced with the challenge of having the logistics process in order and of guaranteeing traceability. In particular, companies that repackage soft fruit have to deal with short periods between receiving and shipping products. Logistics planning is essential for these companies. 
The I-Fresh ERP software platform guarantees traceability and ensures that the logistics process remains in order.
By including the functionalities for batch registration, packaging, warehouse & scanning, as well as taring, I-Fresh makes the process of repacking and production more efficient and the chance of (human) errors is smaller.
Ultimately, every fresh produce company wants to be able to offer competitive prices, whereby cost control is important in the process. 

This application is available only in Dutch (Netherlands and Belgium) and English language.

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