BrandMail | Email Signatures for Microsoft 365

BrandQuantum International

Tamper-proof email signatures, banners and content across your global organization.

BrandMail® is a cloud based add-on application for Microsoft Outlook that ensures brand compliant emails and content. Consistent email signatures are created and managed centrally to ensure seamless rollout and alignment from one employee to the next.

Email signatures are tamper-proof and appear consistently across multiple platforms. Through BQBrandMe® users can keep their details up-to-date and provide recipients with useful and relevant information, tailored to your organisation and industry requirements. Recipients download contact information seamlessly to their devices.

BrandMail delivers:

• Consistently branded emails
• Tamper-proof email signatures which are centrally managed
• Access to the latest brand resources and documentation based on user roles and permissions
• Standardised email content that aligns to your brand voice and improves efficiency
• Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web App as well as a Mail Flow option for Microsoft 365
• Business compliant communications
• Empowered staff that deliver consistent brand experiences
• Cloud based platform allows brand compliance and management from anywhere at anytime
• Improved customer experiences which drive the bottom line

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