CBA Compendio Flatrate

CBApplications GmbH

We transform knowledge into innovation.

This application is available in English and German.

The CBA Compendio creates a problem-oriented view of existing knowledge, takes impulses and innovations, combines it with the experience and creativity of the employees and prepares it with various methods of artificial intelligence until innovative solutions are ready for decision-making. The knowledge is subject to an editorial process with evaluation of the quality of information, the targeted allocation of access rights as well as publishing and versioning. 

We systematize and support the necessary problem-solving processes. The effort to solve the problem is reduced, the quality of the solution is increased, transparency is created and the risk is minimized. The various publications can be provided with a summary, so that the complete publication does not always have to be read for further work. The opinion-forming process is supported by evaluation functions, comments, embedded discussions and collections of ideas, surveys, presentations, questions and answers and other knowledge elements. This enhances the knowledge, involves everyone involved in the knowledge process and goes through an iterative process that on the one hand accelerates knowledge acquisition, but on the other hand also raises open points. Consensus is created or differences of opinion are addressed on a factual level.

The CBA Compendio supports all employees who are entrusted with complex tasks. As a management assistant, project manager, team leader, researcher, developer or subject area manager, you can use the existing knowledge in a view that is suitable for your task. The knowledge is transparently available to all involved and serves as an objective basis for decision-making.
The CBA Compendio helps you e.g. in the proper creation of decision templates, in the preparation of tenders or in the development of project ideas. During project processing, it supports the iterative knowledge process, opinion formation and decision-making. There are also many other areas of application, because knowledge and its dissemination and discussion is important for almost all areas in companies.

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