SurPaas® Optimo™

Corent Technology Inc.

Visualize, Assess & Act on Your Cloud Resources for Realizing Continuous Optimizations

SurPaaS® Optimo™ - Platform to Continuously Assess & Optimize Your Cloud Infrastructure

SurPaaS® helps you to effortlessly manage multiple Cloud accounts available in different regions from a single pane. It supports Cloud accounts from all popular Cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS. Avail our Continuous Cloud Assessment and Optimization capabilities with usage-based mechanics for cost budgeting and management.

Key Features:

  • Single Pane of Dashboard for Multi-Cloud Management
  • Continuous Monitoring of Cloud Resources for Better Optimization & Maintenance
  • Real-time Cost & Footprint Reduction for Cloud Resources
  • Debug Your Cloud using our Multi-Dimensional Visualization Methods
  • Check Well-Managed Score to Rate Cloud Resource Efficiency
  • Manage Cloud Accounts by Region
  • AI-Driven Assessment
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