Dapasoft Inc.

Cloud native MLLP connector for HL7

Smarter Integration Environment

  • Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) built for healthcare on Microsoft Azure
  • Supports legacy and emerging healthcare standards and formats - HL7, XML, JSON, CDA, C-CDA, FHIR and others.
  • Connect over multiple transport protocols - MLLP, HTTP, FTP, Rest, and others
  • Transport and transform healthcare data from any-to-any format and protocol

Faster Integration Development

  • Browser based dashboard for full Interface Lifecycle Management - build, deploy, and manage
  • Simple UI to easily build and quickly deploy clinical integration interfaces
  • Quickly test interfaces as you define and build them
  • Easily monitor and control interfaces with configurable alerts and notifications

Drive Innovation and Interoperability

  • Integrated real-time clinical data platform to support clinical data repositories
  • Collate clinical records across HIS in real-time
  • Easily links with best-of-breed health analytics systems
  • Develop and manage APIs to clinical data

Native iPaaS Solution on Microsoft Azure

  • Keep your existing interface engine
  • No software to install, pay as you go, and scale as you need
  • Capable of running on private and public cloud
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