Our vision is to create a natural interaction between people and machines, towards a smarter future.

What is defined Data?

DefinedData enables you to speed your AI products to market through a catalog of high-quality, off-the-shelf AI datasets available in various languages and domains. These pre-collected datasets—annotated and validated by a global crowd—can be used to train baseline models or evaluate and benchmark current models.

How does the DefinedData solution help improve my business?

  • Time to Market -Quickly build and improve machine learning models, or adapt live models for faster expansion.
  • Convenience - Purchase pre-collected, pre-annotated and validated datasets for model training and testing.
  • Flexibility - Choose from a one-time download, or our discounted subscription options—whichever fits your needs.
  • Variety - Speech datasets available in multiple languages, domains and recording options.

Our multi-faceted approach to data quality also ensures you’re only reducing time to market, not quality. Here are several of our quality metrics that are used for quality control:

  • Word Error Rate (WER) - Our primary quality metric, most datasets are <5% error rate.
  • Nativeness - Accuracy of audio to a native speaker
  • Domain Accuracy - Context is specific to a domain
  • Gender and Age Distribution - Minimizes bias in the dataset

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