DexBrix Catalog


A cloud service catalog providing access to standard offerings for customer cloud deployments.

DexBrix is a managed platform to drive productivity, services quality and innovation dramatically forward. DexBrix is delivered as a cloud-based service. No waiting time to design and build the platform nor financial upfront investment is needed: the platform functionality is available for you within minutes and you can start building and using solutions immediately without losing valuable time. Automation is key in using cloud services. All elements for optimal automation usage are implemented and facilitate standardization and innovation in the cloud services. DexMach has built a large library of automation solutions. Access to this core library automated solutions is provided in a SaaS model where the customer can easily integrate DexBrix’s automation in the cloud orchestration environment. By delivering building blocks, so-called bricks, the platform assists you with modeling and managing your business and IT processes in a very simple, efficient way without reinventing the wheel. Benefit from what we learned in many service management and automation projects throughout the years. This knowledge lives in the DexBrix platform and is ready-to-use!
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