Hitachi Solutions IoT Service Hub

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Create a Data-Driven Service Business to Improve Operational Efficiencies

Hitachi Solutions' IoT Service Hub enables organizations responsible for managing industrial equipment assets to transform their maintenance model from repair and replace to predict and prevent.

  • Reduce equipment downtime by proactively monitoring equipment health in real time so service can be performed exactly at the time needed and before it fails
  • Increase productive uptime by predictively identifying problems so repairs can be performed during scheduled production downtime rather than during peak periods
  • Cut routine maintenance costs by performing condition-based maintenance that addresses actual issues rather than performing costlier rule-based maintenance that misses developments between intervals
  • Increase asset lifespan by performing predictive maintenance before catastrophic failures occur
  • Improve worker safety by monitoring equipment conditions and faults that can produce an alert or issue counter measures before an injury is sustained
  • Create new revenue streams by enabling performance based service agreements or equipment-as-a-service offerings

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