NetSupport Ltd.

Low cost cloud based classroom management and teaching platform for schools and districts.

Flexibility and blended learning are essential in the ‘new normal’ of teaching and learning. So whether students are in school or connecting remotely from home, teachers need simple but effective tools to support engaging and meaningful learning experiences.

Introducing - Developed with teachers, for teachers, provides stress-free, cloud-based teaching and learning tools, so teachers can lead learning in any learning environment.

Why schools and technicians love it

  • Super simple to set up and maintain
  • One low-cost solution to fit any learning scenario – future-proof!
  • Delivers a platform for blended learning – best practice!
  • Provides a sense of continuity for students - and teachers!

Why teachers love it

  • Super easy to use
  • Keep students focused and on task
  • Interact with students and monitor learning activities
  • Assess and capture feedback
  • Manage online behaviour
  • Create a safe learning environment

Teachers can lead learning from anywhere, while maintaining student engagement and ensuring students are on target for success – whether they’re in school or learning remotely!

  • Connect to students’ devices quickly and easily by a range of methods
  • Interact with students in real time via chat, messages and help requests
  • Assess progress and topic understanding with class surveys
  • Monitor students’ screens, web, and app use to ensure they’re on task
  • Stay safe with ‘allowed’ and ‘restricted’ website and application lists
  • Gain attention by locking or blanking students’ screens
  • Integrate with your Microsoft SDS or Google Classroom platforms
  • Multi-platform support for use with a mix of devices

Try it free for a month in your school and see for yourself at

* This app requires AAD admin permissions and access to your Azure Active Directory data sync data in order to automatically create classes for teachers

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