Smart Building Platform


A BIM-ready Data Science & Analytics Platform that enables a wide range of Smart Building uses cases

This application is available in French and English.
Openfield provides its customers with a Smart Building Platform that enables Asset Managers and Facility Managers to:
  •  Optimize Space allocation : analyse space occupancy and movements within the building, automate smart booking processes using presence sensors, identifies patterns, thanks to an integration of a wide range of entreprise and Open data sources (calendars, weather forecast, traffic,.. )
  • Provides various services with accurate occupancy metrics and forecasts (Restaurant / Cafeteria or Parking presence Prediction) 
  • Optimize the Building Maintenance System processes, integrating business & enterprise data in the building analytics 
  • Monitor Well being and Employee performance : Follow confort metrics, and satisfaction trigger dedicated actions 
  • Improve Energy management within the building 
 Our platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure, and uses the following input to operate : 
  • A building / floor map (autocad, IFC BIM, Geojson, ...) or zone hierarchy. If available, the map is discretized so that we can analyze every each of your space. We also integrate local context : Calendars, Open Data, or Sun exposure, based on geographic location 
  • Sensors to measure occupation and environmental conditions (T°, humidity, sound volume, ...) 
  • Existing WiFi to measure occupation and movements cross zones and levels 
  • Organizational hierarchy (units, departments,..), to map the building analytics with the entreprise structure & organization 
  •  Room calendars 
  •  Access Control system
  •  BMS and ITSM
  •  Elevator systems
 The solution outputs : 
  • KPIs and Alerts : We provide advanced analytics on different temporal or spatial scales, in order to help improve overall space occupancy. Our metrics can identify patterns at seat, zone, level, site level, on different time periods. We also provide real time events and alerts, outlier detections, etc. that can feed your existing applications or ITSM processes. 
  •  Easy API & Integration with your ecosystem : All our data is available through standard APIs for all the data that is collected, enriched, calculated so that all your IT ecosystem can benefit from our processing. We can also feed partner Datalake or datawarehouses, when performances or use cases require those type of integration. 
  • Dataviz : Additionally, all the KPIs & alerts generated are accessible on our secured web portal, providing an ergonomic outlook of your Building operations in real time
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