SynerScope Ixiwa

بواسطة SynerScope

Quickly navigate, search and link through structured and unstructured data.

The fast growth of data lakes is now a major trend. The amount of collected data is increasing and with it the need to process and analyze unstructured and streaming data. Current data-lakes are good at storing data, but they aren't good at helping you find the data you need. Traditional data warehouse solutions are designed for structured data which results in dark data: data which is stored and never analyzed because of technological and cost restraints. SynerScope Ixiwa, previously called SynerScope Legato provides business users the capabilities to quickly navigate, search, link and improve structured and unstructured data in a data-lake. Built on top of Apache Hadoop and SPARK we focus on getting the data-lake to value, by getting data in front of people in as many facets of your organization as possible.

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