A Centralized SharePoint Performance Monitoring Tool.

SysKit Insights is a 3rd party SharePoint performance monitoring tool that comes as a web and desktop application. It's made for SharePoint admins in On-Prem and Online environments.

Insights gathers all ULS, SQL, and Windows Event logs from all servers into one report and makes it easier for you to find the information you need. Powerful filters will help you filter out logs by the event type or server type and troubleshoot issues faster. You can specify which events you want to track, and the app sends real-time email alerts when they appear in any of the logs.

Insights also measures the SharePoint page performance caused by internal factors. It scans your pages and detects non-optimized CSS or HTML content, oversized images, and JavaScript files. All the tracked information combines into a single health score, providing you real-time insight into specific page health and how it has changed through time. Insights automatically detects the roles of servers and their online status. It pinpoints the SharePoint pages impacted by service slowdowns. 

SysKit Insights monitors 30+ SharePoint-specific performance counters and retains the data for 30 days enabling you to analyze performance and spot trends. IT personnel can compare the real-time performance with the promised level in the SLA agreement. 

SysKit Insights will instruct your servers to constantly ping each other in 10-minute intervals to measure your intra-farm latency and alert you if something goes wrong. This allows you to monitor all your SharePoint servers from a single location and stay compliant with SharePoint hardware requirements. You can send all performance reports via URL or export them into Excel to further analyze the data.
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