TransVault WpA-Sync


Extend the reach of Microsoft Workplace Analytics to hybrid environments

Microsoft’s Workplace Analytics for Office 365 delivers many powerful insights on how staff are working and collaborating, such as:

  • What are our collaboration & meeting ‘norms’?
  • Do we have good collaboration between managers & employees?
  • What are the typical networking patterns?

Understanding high-level patterns derived from analysing email and calendaring metadata can give business leaders the information they need to drive strategies for sales, employee engagement, and productivity initiatives.

But what happens if not all of your workforce is currently hosted in Microsoft Office 365? Larger enterprises may need to operate in hybrid mode for several months. Indeed, certain parts of your organization may need to remain hosted on-premises for the foreseeable future.

Simply by deploying TransVault WpA-Sync, you can capture on-premises Microsoft Exchange mailbox and calendar activity and make it securely and seamlessly available to Office 365 Workplace Analytics.

As well as getting a holistic view of behavioural metrics across your entire enterprise, you’ll get ‘before’ and ‘after’ migration trends, allowing you to assess the impact of moving to Office 365.

TransVault’s ultra-secure connection protects user data in flight, meanwhile privacy settings let you redact and filter what gets synchronized into WorkPlace Analytics to meet your data protection remit.

Plus, TransVault WpA-Sync operates seamlessly in the background: as users migrate to Office 365, WpA-Sync automatically manages the workflow for stopping the synchronization process and updating licences and a web portal gives you real time updates on synchronization status.

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