A cognitive solution leveraging Azure, big data and IoT

UST Omni provides end to end supply chain visibility during every stage of your supply chain at a granular SKU level. Allowing you to be more demand and market driven, improve your service levels by leveraging technology to make existing data actionable in real time and make your supply chain more responsive to market dynamics. The platform becomes your single digital source of truth, allowing bi-directional data flow to your enterprise systems and eco-system of trading partners- providing visibility from Purchase Order Control to Delivery Receipt and all milestones in between.
Benefits include:
• Increase supply chain efficiency
• Reduce out of stock incidents
• Improve working capital and revenue
Business Benefits
27% Reduction in lead time from product concept to store
8% Reduction in operational costs
10% Increase in revenue through OTIF improvement
12% Increase in revenue through OTIF improvement
10% Reduction in administrative labor costs
23% Improvement in forecast accuracy Features
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