Walk in Walk Out

UST Global

Frictionless Store with AI & ML driven technology on Azure -Replaces long checkout lines

UST's Walk-in, Walk-out (WiWo) is an end to end frictionless solution that offers customers to shop at their convenience. Customer can simply Walk-in at store with an App, Scan to enter the store, Shop and Walk out with no wait in line for checkout.
This solution is combination of AI/ML, weight sensors and computer vision technology. We provide complete end to end solution includes - Site Survey - from the beginning to make decisions with you about site details, Hardware & Software- Complete with the hardware fixture (Ambient rack & Freezer-chiller) and associated IT software technology that brings frictionless shopping to life. System integration- End-to-end application, accuracy and operations. Customer and Merchant APP - Allows customers to manage payment from phone. Store operators to see sales and inventory data. Onsite implementation - full design and build services of all construction, hardware and technology components. Onsite Project management - Onsite expertise to get stores launched on time and on budget. Expert Support & Services - Go-live support and guidance to drive immediate results and optimize technology. Our solution addresses issues related to product mix and shrinkage, you can gain visibility into what’s selling, customer shopping patterns and sell more of what is in demand. Additionally the solution is compliant to regulations like GDPR and well suited for potential new regulations from Covid-19.
It is a highly scalable and available cloud native micro services architecture using Nodejs hosted in Azure environment consisting of  Azure web app for containers, Azure Functions and MongoDB Atlas Cloud. It uses Azure Service Bus for inter connectivity between micro services and Websockets have been implemented for appropriate notifications to the customer.
Azure microservices architecture
Azure WebAp for containers
Azure functions
MongoDb Atlas Cloud
Azure Service Bus 
Azure WAF
Azure FrontDoor
Azure Key vault
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