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Retailr provides merchants with a single view of all their business transactions

Retailr is the first of its kind innovative mobile platform that provides Retail Merchants with a single view of their business and transactions on a daily basis as well as manage multi-supplier inventory and pricing at the click of a button. It is able to track orders placed to and received from supplier, generate a product catalogue and provide Point of Sale capabilities to retailers and wholesalers to manage the sales, pricing and payment receipts on a mobile device. 

This Retailr Solution is a highly scalable, cloud-hosted application that is used to facilitate Merchants to both manage purchases from suppliers plus sales to customers within their ecosystem. Merchants can self-register on the solution, and thereafter can add products with pricing onto the system that then appear on the catalogue on the Point-Of-Sale (POS) module of the application. As inventory is received and sales are done, the system automatically manages the inventory balances. The Merchant has control over the prices of goods sold within the catalogues and has the ability to capture various digital payment methods. 

 Retailr’s robust POS system collects real-time sales and purchase data which is presented on an easy to view dashboard empowering the owner and clerk to make quick decisions. 
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