All you can Meet: Teams Meeting Room as a Service


Back to Work! Microsoft Teams Managed Meetings Rooms by VideoButler

Videobutler allows optimum remote meetings and collaboration by supplying an extremely personal service in combination with high-quality equipment, anywhere in the world.

Since we place professional specialists between the users and the equipment, we can guarantee that every meeting will begin on time and fault-free. We refer to these professional specialists as Videobutlers. In a world of increasing automation, the Videobutler provides vital personal support to the participants in the meeting.

A core value of Videobutler is that the function is fulfilled by people with a physical disability who can carry out the activities from their own homes. In this way, we offer our Videobutlers perspective and the possibility of building up an independent and meaningful life.

By continually improving and innovating, the services which the Videobutler provides will certainly continue to exceed the expectations of the customer.

This application is available in English. Provided Terms are in English.
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