Build an App in a Day: 6-Hr Workshop

Unify Dots Corporation

Learn how to build and deploy a Power App for your organization by doing an app sample. The offer includes training, hands on exercises and lab work.

Build your own app with the App in a Day workshop from Unify Dots. PowerApps is a low or no-code application builder from Microsoft that gives you a way to deliver applications to your users at a rapid pace.

This one-day training covers will help you identify a need where Power Apps can be a fit and then in an hands-on format will train you on how to build and publish the app. Certified Microsoft Power Platform experts from Unify Dots will help you and your organization get the most value out of your app ideas. Total time is limited to 6 hours of consultative time.

The workshop covers: Session 1: Identify an area where an app can be built Session 2: Hands on App Build out: Work with Unify Dots to build an app identified in Session 1. The App in a day doesn’t include any integrations. Session 3: Publish the app to your team members.

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