RPA Migration Factory: 5-Week Implementation

Applied Information Sciences

Accelerate the migration of your legacy automation workflows to Microsoft’s Power Platform with help from AIS.

You need more value and faster results from your automation capabilities. Whether it's technical debt, legacy and siloed implementations, or a wide tech stack of automation software, you may not be getting the results you need. AIS and Microsoft provide the tools, guidance, and services to deliver a timely, predictable way of migrating existing RPA bots to Power Automate, free for qualified customers. This BYOB - Bring Your Own legacy Bots - engagement includes access to a certified tool to support the migration to Power Automate for Desktop and expert services to implement the migration from legacy automation estates like Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, and Ui Path.


  • Week 1 - Discover & Plan - Phase to understand the current landscape, set up environments, finalize scope for the pilot, and engage an implementing project team.
  • Week 2-4 - Build/Test: Build-Phase to install and run migration tool, develop necessary customizations, build necessary security and monitoring for ROI development. Test-Phase to begin tracking ROI, finalize custom plans and perform System Integration Test (SIT) and User Acceptance Test (UAT).
  • Week 5 - Deploy & Manage: Phase to measure ROI, build Power Automate deployable managed solution. Perform survey, and retrospective summary.


  • Migration into production of the first set of workflows from the legacy or third-party tooling.
  • Predictable with Microsoft Engineering Governance and Oversight.
  • Customers can build an Automation COE for full a scale RPA landscape on Power Automate

Following this engagement, AIS can support your team with an RPA COE implementation and development of greenfield workflows. Learn more in our 10-week Intelligent Automation offering:

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