Atos || Microsoft 365 Data Governance [10 - week Implementation]

Atos International SAS

The Atos Microsoft 365 Data Governance service empowers an organization to discover, classify, govern and protect sensitive data within the Microsoft 365/Office 365 platform.

The Microsoft 365 Data Governance Service from Atos empowers organizations to discover, classify, govern and protect sensitive data within the Microsoft 365 & Office 365 environment wherever it lives or travels. The Microsoft 365 Data Governance services can be positioned in multiple market places as data protection and governance is a top priority of C-level Management being Business and IT Leaders.

Microsoft 365 Data Governance provides a value add to the business as protecting information is critical to ensuring trust but also to meeting internal and external privacy and regulatory requirements. Protecting data has become more challenging as people work in new ways, creating and sharing data across boundaries. While mobility and cloud services have helped users become more productive and collaborative, securing and monitoring data has become harder. Organizations now need to protect sensitive information across devices, SaaS applications, and cloud services in addition to on-premises environments. But before an organization can protect its data, they first have to know where it resides, how it is being used and shared, what the associated privacy and regulatory risks are, and even if the data is still needed.

Rolling out Microsoft 365 Data Governance enables reducing risks of data losses and associated massive recovery costs and reputation damage as well as meeting compliance regulations with evidence reducing risk of fines.

Microsoft 365 Data Governance Service supports clients to know their data which means that they understand their data landscape and can identify important data across a hybrid environment. The service helps clients to protect their data meaning that they can apply flexible protection actions that include encryption, access restrictions, and visual markings. It also supports clients to prevent data loss as it enables the prevention of accidental oversharing of sensitive information. and provides clients the opportunity to govern their data meaning that they can automatically retain, delete, and store data and record it in a compliant manner.

Atos professionals will help clients to understand how Microsoft 365 Information Protection and Governance services and related products can mitigate and protect against the privacy and regulatory risks. Types of data covered in Microsoft 365 include chat sessions in Microsoft Teams, emails in Microsoft Exchange, and files in Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft OneDrive.

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