Atos || Microsoft 365 VIVA [10-Weeks Implementation]

Atos International SAS

Service enables organizations to create a thriving culture with engaged employees and inspiring leaders with the expert support of Atos.

Atos Microsoft 365 Collaboration VIVA is a rich solution that enables human resource-, information technology - and business managers to improve employee experience in the field of culture, knowledge, skilling, user performance/results and well-being. Atos Microsoft 365 Collaboration VIVA for Microsoft VIVA Insights is designed to cover a wide range of challenges.

The service provides guidance to gather business drivers for best practice user/ group behavior. It enables to set objectives and build automatic knowledge gathering as well as build communications, onboarding expertise and training content. User adoption assistance for changing user behavior and management guidance is supported. Atos Microsoft 365 Collaboration VIVA provides insights in changes and improvements in employee experience by tracking user experience level agreements (XLA’s) and ongoing data point business analysis. The service assist organizations in considering the impact of the network, devices, CO2, and diversity on employees. Appropriate employee experience reporting and guaranteed data security is configured and managed.

Atos has the experience, skills, and services to support organizations to get the most from Microsoft VIVA and combine these with other Atos employee Experience services to capture network, network devices, decarbonization, accessibility and diversity enhancements.

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