Avanade Intelligent Workplace Powered by Metrikus FY24 12 Wk Imp

Avanade, Inc.

Reimagine your workplace; creating digital twins for the benefit of people, productivity, and the planet.

Organizations have many outstanding questions about the future of work. They may be trying to understand how employees can have an equitable experience whether or not they're in an office. They may be asking how to get their teams back into the office, or perhaps they're questioning what the purpose of the office is at all!

Introducing the Avanade Intelligent Workplace, in partnership with Metrikus. An Intelligent Workplace is one for hybrid work, and takes a holistic view of the physical endpoints, digital, and even virtual spaces.

In this pilot, we will provide; Avanade Intelligent Workplace Services, Metrikus Software Sourcing, Delivery of Hardware (rented or purchased), Training and Support, and Project Management. As part of the project, Avanade and Metrikus will be working with local delivery teams assigned by you (internal, or non-Avanade, non-Metrikus 3rd party), to install sensors across designated floors and areas to provide the required space occupancy, capacity utilization and air quality data. Pricing will vary based on scope of engagement.


• Access to the Metrikus platform

• 2 x editor licenses

• Unlimited viewer licenses


• Xovis PC2S Sensors (rent or purchase)

• Vergesense (rent or purchase)

• Airthings View Plus (rent or purchase)

Networking and Cabling:

• Xovis Cloud

• PC2S Mounting Kit

• PoE Switch - 24 Port Equipment Rental

• 4G Cellular Gateway Equipment Rental

• Cellular Services - 10GB SIM + Allowance Sim Card Purchase + Cellular Services

*Pricing will vary based on the scope of the engagement.

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