Microsoft 365 Security 4 Weeks Assessment


The Microsoft 365 Security 4 Weeks Assessment evaluates security, identifies vulnerabilities, and ensures cyber protection, focusing on identity, data protection, and compliance.

Microsoft 365 Security 4 Weeks Assessment

Strengthen your Microsoft 365 environment with our comprehensive 4-week security assessment designed to enhance your organizational resilience and compliance.

Our Approach

Our approach unfolds in the following stages:

1. Discovery and Runbook:

  • Inventory of Resources and Configurations: Focus on Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Compliance, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Entra ID.
  • Secure Score Export: Exporting the current Microsoft 365 Secure Score.
  • Runbook Compilation: Compiling details into a comprehensive runbook.

2. Review and Access:

  • Policy Review: Reviewing configured rules, policies, filters, and alerts based on the discovered details.
  • Risk Analysis: Conducting risk analysis for each configuration in place.
  • Secure Score Insights: Providing insights into Microsoft 365 Secure Score Overview, History, and recommendations.

3. Recommendation and Report:

  • Recommendations: Offering recommendations with detailed reasoning for identified issues aligned with best practices.
  • Reporting: Generating a report on discovered and analyzed issues, along with a remediation plan and implementation roadmap.


  • Identity and Access Management
  • Email Protection
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Governance
  • Tenant Security
  • Cloud and Office App Protection

Key Benefits of Our Assessment

  • Improved Secure Score: Helps to improve Microsoft 365 Secure Score.
  • Enhanced Resilience: Strengthens the resilience of the Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Facilitated Compliance: Facilitates compliance with industry standards.
  • Security Insights: Provides clear insights into vulnerabilities and their remedies, aiding security administrators and CISOs.
  • Security Posture Understanding: Helps understand the security posture of your environment.
  • Enhancement Highlights: Highlights areas to be enhanced and improved.


  • Tenant Assessment Report: Existing Microsoft 365 Tenant Assessment report detailing security flaws.
  • Architecture Proposals: Detailed architecture for both existing and proposed solutions of Microsoft 365 Tenant security protections.
  • Security Enhancements Recommendations: Recommendations to enhance Microsoft 365 tenant security.

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