Phishing, Malware & Spam protection- 2 weeks Implementation


Phishing, Spam, and Malware Protection 2 weeks Implementation secures your email with tailored policies, ensuring safe communication and protection against threats like phishing, spam, and malware.

Phishing, Malware & Spam Protection - 2 Weeks Implementation

Secure your organization by implementing comprehensive protections against phishing, malware, and spam threats in just two weeks.

Our Structured Approach


  • Goal Definition: Define goals and understand business requirements.
  • Needs Identification: Understand the unique needs of the organization and outline essential functionalities.


  • Architecture Preparation: Prepare existing and proposed architecture.
  • Design Documentation: Create a design document listing the steps to be followed.
  • Impact Analysis: Conduct an in-depth impact analysis to understand how the solution will operate within your existing infrastructure.


  • Solution Development: Begin development once the design phase is completed.
  • Testing: Create and test the proposed solution in a non-production environment.
  • Performance Evaluation: Run test cases to evaluate the performance of the proposed solution.


  • Pilot Deployment: Deploy the security policies in the production environment for pilot users.
  • Full Rollout: Roll out the solution to the entire organization once everything is working as expected.

What We Cover

  • Anti-Phishing Policy: Implement measures to detect and block phishing attempts.
  • Anti-Spam Inbound & Outbound Policy: Protect against spam emails entering and leaving the organization.
  • Anti-Malware Policy: Safeguard against malware with robust detection and prevention mechanisms.
  • Safe Attachments: Ensure email attachments are scanned and safe to open.
  • Safe Links: Protect users by scanning and validating links in emails.


  • Proactive Threat Mitigation: Identify vulnerabilities and threats entering the environment and proactively stop them.
  • User Protection: Ensure users are not exposed to phishing, malware, or spam emails/content.
  • Account Security: Protect user accounts from being compromised.
  • Data Security and Compliance: Ensure the organization’s data is secure and compliant.


  • Robust Security Policies: Implement robust security policies that protect the organization from phishing emails.
  • Malware Protection: Security measures against malware attacks, including protection from severe attacks like ransomware.
  • Advanced Threat Protection: Advanced scanning and threat protection to filter out all incoming malicious content, securing the tenant.

By leveraging AVASOFT’s expertise in implementing these security measures, organizations can ensure their environment is well-protected against a wide range of threats, enhancing overall security posture and compliance.

Offer Description

AVASOFT's Consulting Services for Microsoft 365

AVASOFT's consulting services provide professional expertise to help you get started with or extend your use of Microsoft 365. We offer capabilities and know-how that you either do not have in-house or need to augment. Our services support you in leveraging Microsoft 365 to achieve your business goals efficiently and securely.

How Our Services Support Customers in Using Microsoft 365

Expertise and Capabilities

  • Security Implementation: Applying advanced security measures, such as anti-phishing, anti-spam, and anti-malware policies within Microsoft 365.
  • Compliance and Governance: Ensuring data governance and compliance through Microsoft 365's built-in features and AVASOFT's tailored policies.

Tailored Solutions

  • Custom Development: Tailoring solutions within Microsoft 365 to meet specific business requirements.
  • Integration Services: Seamlessly integrating existing systems with Microsoft 365 to enhance productivity and collaboration.

Enhanced Productivity

  • Automated Workflows: Using Microsoft Power Automate to streamline business processes.
  • Data Insights: Leveraging Microsoft Power BI for rich data insights and analytics.
  • Collaboration Tools: Enhancing collaboration with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online.

By leveraging AVASOFT’s expertise in Micros

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